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Roleplay set icons!

Clickity Split
Fandom roleplaying icon sets for the overindulged.


¤ RADI mostly icons anime/manga and videogames. She's majoring in Interactive Media Design and working part time in retail. Bleh!
¤ CRISSY mostly icons sci-fi, movies and western comics. She's working full-time in retail, and spending the rest of her free time making ridiculously large icon sets.


¤ Commenting is not mandatory (though, still highly appreciated.) Crediting is!
¤ Please don't hotlink.
¤ Icons without text or frame dissonance can be considered bases and edited. In the event that you edit, crediting isn't necessary, though we certainly don't object to it! :P
¤ The community doesn't have Members Only posts, but seeing new watchers always gives us wee happy feelings! (Hint hint!)
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